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The Craft Room is your real-world Pinterest board offering an endless list of various types

of workshops and classes that are sure to pull out the inner DIY master in you.

With something for everyone, it won't be hard to find a project that fits your style.

Every visit to The Craft Room will bring a brand new, unique hands-on experience.

We will take care of the supplies, tools and step-by-step instruction for you to create

your very own one-of-a-kind piece for home, office or as a thoughtful hand-made gift.

No experience with crafts, carpentry or art is necessary,

but you will surely leave being the DIY-er you may not have known you were.

Our laid-back, casual atmosphere prompts you to get down and dirty and let your creativity get wild.

Of course, while having the best time ever!

Visit the Craft Room curated home section of our store featuring various local crafters and artists!

We carry a wide variety of home decor, seasonal decor, and gifting items, offer personalizations,

and of course work with you on one-of-a-kind custom orders.

Our skilled staff is fully involved throughout your workshop. Take advantage of their expertise to guide you along.


Late at night when all the crafters are

sleeping, our shop elf comes out to cut all of the wood, get supplies in order

and make sure everything is ready

for the next day!


With decades of fine art experience,

Maria brings her expertise to

The Craft Room as a project assistant and teacher for some of our adult and children's classes.


Also a lifetime artist,

Cathy knows a little bit of everything.

From painting and calligraphy, to

flower arrangements and bow making...

She is the true ultimate crafter.

Want to join the Crew? 

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our crew! Someone will contact you shortly.

meet our


From advertising agencies and the restaurant industry,

to Director of Marketing and a college Professor - 

I made my way through a successful career path.

However, I never lost sight of what I really destined myself to do.

I would often sit behind my desk and text my friends -

"I just want to make pretty things all day."

I always have been the crafty type.

Getting busier and busier,

I decided to take a hobby of mine - 

wedding & party invitations and unique gifts 

- and make myself a little side business.

And so, in January 2014 Made of Paper was born.

At the end of 2014, I was laid off from my full time job.

I saw this as maybe an opportunity to take a leap of faith.

On a whim, a couple sleepless nights, a lot of coffee, and many prayers,

I decided to turn down a job offer and start a new adventure.

To actually make pretty things all day.  Every day.

And I have never looked back.

I could not be more grateful for what turned out to be

the biggest blessing disguised as a budget cut letter.

Fast forward a few years, a successful business, and two cute kids later...

I am ready for yet another leap of faith.

(more coffee...more prayers...)

Inspired by being called a living Pinterest board,

the structure was formed to (literally) build my dreams.

The Craft Room was created with the idea of

bringing together a community that I love,

continuing to provide the most thoughtful and

one-of-a-kind pieces and gifts to people literally around the world,

a place for family and friends to gather,

and an outlet for kids to learn and find their own creativity.

All while doing something unique, functional and of course fun.

The Craft Room is locally owned and family ​operated.

It will not be out of the ordinary if my wild child toddler and snuggly new baby,

loud husband, or crazy mother pop in during your workshop.

We keep it family here - and I invite you to join in our extended family

and make pretty things with me.

I hope you have so much fun when visiting The Craft Room!

Thank you for helping my dreams come true.

- Nicole


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